Selena Gomez Blames Justin Bieber for Drug Addiction and Miscarriage Rumors

selena gomez miscarriage pregnant justin bieber

justin bieber tour selena gomezSelena Gomez is reportedly blaming Justin Bieber for the miscarriage and substance abuse rumors that made their way to the media earlier this year.

Following the former Disney starlet’s time in rehab back in January, Selena made headlines for allegedly having an alcohol problem, abusing heavy drugs including prescription ones such as Xanax, and having lost Justin’s baby because of stress and anxiety.

Of course these are all alleged incidents.

Sources are now dishing that Gomez is pissed at Justin — she thinks he’s to blame for all the scandals that have been surrounding her. In fact, she’s so mad, she’s telling friends “she wishes she had never met him”.

Selena has this thing where she consistently drags herself into situations she doesn’t want to be in, and though Justin is usually always to blame for this, she has to take some responsibility for her own actions and consider the fact on distancing herself from those who are bringing her down.

The ‘Who Says’ singer told pals she wishes she had never gotten herself in a relationship with Justin, her life would’ve been much easier and more at peace. Whenever she does an interview now, they’ll either ask her about her ex-boyfriend or whether her substance abuse issues are true.

selena gomez miscarriage pregnant justin bieberThe 21-year-old has already said she won’t be returning to music anytime soon as she tries to get back into the career that made her the star she is today — Selena is reportedly heading back into acting.

Sources say she’s cut Justin off from her life and plans to take the high road by leaving all bad things in the past, having deleted his number and moved to Calabasas.

Getting back into acting, moving to a new area and deleting his number are strong signs that she’s taking it seriously this time, because let’s face it, Selena has dumped Justin so many times and they keep getting back together.

I think this time it’s serious. Especially after the miscarriage rumor. That one really took it to another level.

Nevertheless, I’m happy that Selena is making some kind of progress! Taking small steps is good process.

Written by Merema Leures

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