Jennifer Aniston Finally Cancels Wedding — Realizes Romance Isn’t Working!

jennifer aniston justin therouxJennifer Aniston’s reason for not going forward with wedding plans are supposedly down to the fact that she knows the romance between her and Justin Theroux won’t last much longer.

The actress who has been engaged for around two years, has yet to make any moves with her wedding, and if we were to believe everything the media has been telling us, then this whole relationship is just weeks away from collapsing entirely.

According to new reports, Jennifer has been hesitant with the whole wedding — she feels like she’s rushed into the marriage idea because her pals were telling her to settle down and consider having a family of her own.

She fell in love with Justin right away, and the engagement came just months after they started dating. But how weird is it that Jennifer doesn’t mind rushing into an engagement but takes her time when it comes to marrying the guy. If you can become engaged in a matter of months, it shouldn’t take you over two years to marry the person.

Nevertheless, it’s almost certain at this point that she won’t marry Justin. There have been reports circulating the net that the two have been having problems — the kind of problems that make you realize the person you’re with may not be “the one”.

Justin has been so “annoying” with his constant talk on how he can’t wait to go back to New York and see his family, a source said last year. Theroux moved to Los Angeles to live with Jennifer but he’s been so unhappy ever since he relocated because he can’t warm up to the people over in California.

That alone has been a huge barrier for the couple.

And then were the rumors of Theroux reportedly having a flirtatious side to him. A tabloid revealed earlier this year that Justin would chat up women in bars and give the body language of a single fella.

And what exactly would that body language look like?

Either way, whether we believe the cheating stories or not, it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen the couple out and about. They hardly make appearances at events these days, and the fact that Jen has made no moves with her wedding give away the truth…

… which would be that her romance to Justin Theroux is over!

Written by Merema Leures

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