Master P Loses Custody of Kids for Not Attending Court — REPORT!

Master P Loses Custody of Kids for Not Attending Court — REPORT!


master p loses custodyMaster P has lost custody of his four children!

The music mogul reportedly didn’t show up to court earlier this week which had the judge fuming to the point where he immediately granted the rapper’s ex-wife, Sonya Miller, full custody of their children.

Sonya, who is now granted as the full-time legal guardian of Hercy, Mercy, Tytyana and Italy, has been making headlines these past few months as her divorce battle with Master P continues to worsen.

Miller has been fighting for millions in court, stating that she deserves a huge sum of money seeing that she was somewhat responsible for her ex-husband’s success, she claims.

44-year-old Master P has argued his case saying that he has no plan on giving his ex-wife millions of his fortune when she can’t even control herself, or the alcohol problems she’s allegedly battling.

The case continues to deepen has family insiders reveal Sonya has a alcohol and drug problem — the kids would’ve most definitely been in better hands had the judge ordered them to stay with their father, but all hell will break loose now.

The question everyone is asking themselves is why Master P didn’t show up to court in the first place. Clearly this is a serious matter.

Along with losing custody of his children, he is also expected to pay $75,000 for Sonya’s legal fees and for not attending!



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