Brandi Glanville Homeless: Struggling to Find a House After Being Booted from Previous Home

brandi glanville homelessBrandi Glanville is ‘homeless’ now that her landlord has kicked her out of her California rental home over a heated argument.

Who gets into an argument with their landlord? Only Brandi!

New reports claim that Brandi is having a hard time trying to find a nice neighborhood that she’ll be able to call home because the ones that she already has approached have said no — they don’t want Brandi’s bad reputation to cause drama in their area.

“Brandi has been desperately searching for a house she can rent in a comfortable neighborhood, but it’s not going well,” a close insider says.

“She finds a place she likes, but then the landlord or renter realizes who she is and doesn’t want to risk the drama that comes along with her shooting the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

The reality star is currently held up at a temporary furnished home with her two sons Jake and Mason until she figures out what she wants to do, but as of right now… things are not looking too good for her.

Let’s not forget that Brandi doesn’t have Lisa Vanderpump kind of money — she’s just about “rich” enough to find herself a peaceful area with a decent size home, unlike the other cast members who can live in gated communities like Calabasas where anyone is welcome to stay.

“The house the boys and I were going to get fell through today:/ You know what they say everything happens for a reason,” Brandi tweeted last week, showing signs that house hunting is harder than she thought it would be.

But, I can definitely see why nobody wants her. Brandi is just too much drama for any neighborhood — imagine yourself living in a nice area, and then Brandi comes along and all you hear is her foul mouth swearing from morning to evening.

And let’s not even get into her behavior when she’s had a little to drink. You never know with her once a little liquor has gone through her body.

“A lot of people don’t want to rent to someone who shoots reality TV because it can disrupt the neighborhood,” the insider dished.

Well, good luck searching. I bet you Leann Rimes never had a problem like this in her life where a landlord doesn’t want her to live in their neighborhood.

Should another fight break out between Leann and Brandi, I’m sure the one-time credible country singer would make fun of Glanville’s “homeless” situation, adding that she doesn’t have those problems because she actually owns the homes she lives in.

That would be an ultimate diss.

leann rimes brandi glanville

Written by Merema Leures

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