Jennifer Lopez Hooking Up with Maksim Chmerkovskiy — Couple Dating?

Jennifer Lopez Hooking Up with Maksim Chmerkovskiy — Couple Dating?


jennifer lopez maksim chmerkovskiy datingJennifer Lopez is reportedly hooking up with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, just days after having announced her split from Casper Smart.

J-Lo, who is believed to have split from Casper months ago, has allegedly started seeing Maksim and the only people who know about their relationship are her close pals and family members.

MTO says that they’ve ”had a conversation with one of our CAUCASIAN SNITCHES – and she gave us some MAINSTREAM gossip.”

“Apparently Jennifer is dating that Maksim guy from Dancing With The Stars,” continues MediaTakeOut. “This ain’t rumor, either – it’s FACT. We’re told that the two plan on making the ‘official’ announcement any day now.”

It is a given fact that Jennifer and Maksim are very good pals, having danced together at several award shows. Whether or not they are actually dating has yet to be determined but they’d definitely make a good looking couple.

And one thing that Jennifer has always had a problem with is staying single. Knowing that she broke up from Casper a couple of months back, it would make sense that she has already been looking for a new beau to welcome into her house.

Jennifer is heading out to Brazil this week, just in time for her World Cup Opening Ceremony performance so perhaps we’ll get to see a glimpse of Maksim who may possibly show up to show her some love and support.

Should the rumor be true, it would also confirm that Maksim has not rekindled his love to Kate Upton who he was spotted with at a recent event.

Chmerkovskiy and Lopez together as an item… now that’s a perfect Hollywood couple right there, but what is it with Jennifer and her desire to date dancers. Whatever, as long as she knows this one could be “the one,” then why not?



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