Ben Affleck Kicked Out Of Casino Again!

Ben Affleck Kicked Out Of Casino Again!


ben affleck casino kicked outFor the second time this year Ben Affleck has been kicked out of a casino.

After playing at the Caesar Windsor Hotel and Casino in Ontario, Canada, Affleck was asked to leave by security. According to an insider, Affleck looked like a hot mess.

He played for only 20 minutes before security realized he was there and asked him to leave. Affleck is seen as an advantaged player.

According to ‘RadarOnline,’ Affleck was playing at the same casino a few weeks before where “he looked disheveled and upset while sitting there gambling.

He seemed really frazzled like he had just lost a ton of money. He was smoking a cigarette and his head was down in his arms. When he sat up his eyes looked bloodshot, like he’d been there all night!”

In April, he was banned from black jack in several Las Vegas casinos after he was caught counting cards at the Hard Rock Cafe’s casino.

Affleck’s family was supposed to make a trip to Detroit, where he is filming for the forthcoming Batman movie, but according to ‘STAR’ magazine the trip has been canceled. Jennifer Garner, his wife, is sick and tired of his gambling habits.

It seems like Affleck isn’t appreciating the great cards he was dealt; his wife, kids, and career.



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