Kate Upton Celebrates Her 22nd Birthday!

Kate Upton Celebrates Her 22nd Birthday!


kate upton birthday photoModel and actress Kate Upton celebrated her 22nd birthday in Chicago. The night before her big day she spent with her girlfriends at a tiki bar, Three Dots and a Dash.

She was spotted wearing a tight red dress (surprisingly, not a bikini) and hanging with friends. They even had a champagne toast at midnight.

Her boyfriend Justin Verlander pitches for the Detroit Tigers and Upton had planned to watch him play on her birthday.

The team was going to face the Chicago White Sox, but due to rainy weather the game was postponed. Verlander then joined her at her birthday dinner with Upton’s sister and mother.

The two-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model starred in the comedy film The Other Woman released in April. A similar adult version of a John Tucker Must Die,’ starred Upton with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann.

Along with starring in a film, earlier in September she was named Model of the Year at the 10th annual Style Awards at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York.

A contestant on the last season of The Bachelor, free-spirited Lucy Aragon, claimed she was friends with Upton and rumors began swirling whether it was accurate. It is definitely true and Upton reassured us again after replying to Aragon’s Instagram photo for Upton’s birthday.

The photo is the duo together with a caption stating, “@kateupton you know how crazy I am and you still choose to be seen with me in public. Thanks for putting up with me all these years. You’re the greatest BFF I could ask for. Happy Birthday Kups!” Upton responded on Twitter with a heart, so it s evident they have known each other for a while.

Cheers to you Kate, and now you can rock out to Taylor Swift’s song ‘22‘ because it is more relevant to you than to me.



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