Rihanna Debuts ‘Home’ Movie Trailer — WATCH

Rihanna Debuts ‘Home’ Movie Trailer — WATCH


rihanna home movie trailerHaving already dominated the music industry with consecutive number one songs and albums, Rihanna is venturing into new lanes — and that’s the movie business.

The Bajan-beauty can soon be seen in DreamWorks’ newest animation titled ‘Home,’ a movie that focuses on a bunch of aliens who hide out on Earth to escape their enemies as Rihanna’s character Tip tries to help the extraterrestrials.

All in all it looks like a solid movie, and having seen how well ‘Frozen’ did last year, there’s no doubt in our minds that this film is going to do some serious numbers once it opens in theaters March 27th.

This is the first time Rihanna has starred in an animation movie, but note that this is not the first time she has appeared in a film. Remember when she played a navy soldier in Battleship? The movie did okay at the box office and Rih’s role was quite small compared to this one.

‘Home’ also sees other celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin voice other characters — so it seems like the producers really wanted to go for a famous lineup.

Catch the trailer below. It’s taking me a little time to adjust to Rihanna’s voice for her character — it’s always strange when famous musicians voice animated characters because all you think about is them and their voice and whether that particular voice suits the person she’s acting in the movie.

Anyway, catch the clip below:



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