Mariah Carey Posts Fake Slim Photo on Twitter — Is She Ashamed...

Mariah Carey Posts Fake Slim Photo on Twitter — Is She Ashamed of Her Fuller Figure?

mariah carey fake twitter photo

mariah carey live you dont know what to doWe love Mariah Carey but what she did on Twitter last night is just embarrassing — more embarrassing than her album sales for ‘Elusive Chanteuse’.

The legendary singer posted a snap of herself on the social media site last night, gushing on how she was spending time with her kids. But one thing seemed strange in this tweet — not what she wrote but the photo that she included.

Mariah purposely added a slim shot of herself that ages back to the early 2000s, clearly misleading her fans to believe that the photo was a recent one of herself.

Mariah, darrrrling you need to stop this. Of course this isn’t the first time Carey has fooled us into thinking she was this slim. Her album cover for her latest album shows a super slender Mariah. Photoshop was put to good use for the album cover, that’s for sure.

And mind you, the cover looks amazing and so does the Twitter photo but Mariah seems to be shaming herself and her body weight. I don’t understand why she just doesn’t stay true to herself — showing off her fuller figure is not something to be ashamed about.

The fact that she tries to fool her “lambs” into thinking she was that petite again is just ridiculous.  Rumor is that Mariah photoshops all of her images before she uploads them on Instagram and the reason why she always wears black outfits in public is to look slimmer.

Mariah, you’re too rich, too talented and you’ve had too long of a career to worry about someone else’s opinion on your weight. Are you going through a mid-life crisis?

mariah carey fake twitter photo mariah carey photo old

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  1. That’s clearly a photo, with other photos on top. Like she was showing her kids old photos of herself. Buzz Feed was creating drama where there was none.

    • No, the photos stacked on top of each other were from an interview she did with Oprah Winfrey, as you can see in the corner.

      She presented the photo as if it was recent, but it was uncovered that it was actually an old photo because it was used in the Oprah interview a decade ago.

  2. She was pretty than. Just as pretty now. She’s in show business, where emphasis is on youth, beauty, sexiness. That’s enough to make any woman over 30 feel somewhat insecure. Well, unless you’re a supreme narcissistic, delusional Karddashian

    • Yeah, you actually make a good point.
      But for Mariah, who has been in the industry for over two decades, something like age and weight shouldn’t really bother her.
      She looks fine to me.


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