Michael Jackson Fan Sues Estate Over ‘Fake Album,’ Claims Michael Didn’t Sing...

Michael Jackson Fan Sues Estate Over ‘Fake Album,’ Claims Michael Didn’t Sing on Record


michael jackson suedAn outraged fan of the late King of Pop is suing Michael Jackson‘s estate.

The lady suing is claiming that the 2010 album, ‘Michael’, doesn’t have enough of Michael’s voice.

This was the first album that was released after his death. The supposed fan thinks there are three songs on the album in which Michael was not the lead singer of.

She told the LA courts that she was unimpressed when she realized the lack of presence MJ had on the album. To back herself up, she hired an audio expert to analyze the tracks. The expert told her it is very possible that the lead vocals are not Michaels.

Keep Your Head Up’, ‘Monster’, and ‘Breaking News’ are the tracks that they are claiming don’t have Michael as the lead vocalist.

According to reliable sources, before the album was released in 2010 Michael’s three kids claimed that Sony was replacing some of the tracks sung by Michael with newer versions by people who could imitate his MJ’s voice.

If the allegations are true, Michael Jackson’s estate would owe money to anyone who bought the album or specific singles.

Howard Weitzman, the estate’s layer, has stated that the lead vocals on all the tracks of the album are Michael’s.



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