Miranda Lambert Strict Dieting Causing Blake Shelton Marriage Drift: Divorce Looms!

miranda lambert skinny slimIt’s no secret that Miranda Lambert has drastically slimmed down in the last few months, and though it’s having many positive effects on her life, it’s also bringing some negatives.

Sources say that Lambert is on a strict diet and barely copes to only eat at certain times —she’s really taking this dieting lifestyle seriously and doesn’t want any distractions. Having already banned Blake Shelton from eating junk food around her, Miranda is also said to be “very moody” around pals and her hubby.

Her reason for her constant mood swings are down to the fact that most of the time she’s hungry and wants to indulge on real food, but tends to rely on smoothies and a salad to keep up with her slimmer figure.

The singer supposedly feels like she’s worked too hard to get to where she is now — Lambert fears the thought of slipping up by even eating one cheeseburger.

The National Enquirer states that Miranda is very snappy towards Blake Shelton. Having already battled the tabloid attention who claim Blake cheated on his wife with multiple women, Miranda now has to deal with the hunger and the determination to stay skinny.

If you’re not naturally skinny, chances are you’ll bounce back to what you were before. As long as you work out and eat healthy to an extent, you would be fine.

Miranda has been so affected by the tabloids in recent months that whenever she gets into an argument with Blake, she loses it by brining up stuff that she’s read in the papers and how unfaithful he was to her.

Taking that into consideration, there’s an understanding why she wants to remain skinny. Maybe she feels that being slimmer will stop Blake from running to all the girls that throw themselves onto him?

Written by Merema Leures

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