Blake Lively Pregnant: Trying For First Baby with Ryan Reynolds — REPORT!

Blake Lively Pregnant: Trying For First Baby with Ryan Reynolds — REPORT!


blake lively ryan reynolds pregnant babyBlake Lively could very well be expecting her first child to Ryan Reynolds. In its simplest form, Blake may be pregnant.

Sources close to the actress are telling media outlets that the former Gossip Girl starlet has been buzzing about starting a family and having kids of her own for some time now — she’s always known she wanted to be a mother but the timing was crucial for her.

Now that she’s at that point in her life where she really doesn’t have to work if she doesn’t want to, Blake has said to have started trying to conceive with Ryan, and both are hoping that they’ll find out about the good news soon.

One source said the following to OK! magazine: “Blake’s baby hormones are going crazy,” in reference to how badly she wants to start having children.

This is a perfect plan for the couple to start having kids now because word on the street is that Ryan has been struggling to land himself good acting gigs following the last handful of movies that flopped.

R.I.P.D,’ and ‘The Green Lantern’ are just two of the movies that not only flopped but received bad reviews on Ryan’s part so maybe taking some time away from the big screen to start a family will do him some good?

Because, I don’t know if you know, but just because the movie flops doesn’t mean the actor doesn’t get paid the amount they agreed on before signing on the movie. So for all we know Ryan could’ve gotten $10Million for the Green Lantern. He’s got enough money to stop working for the next few years and just focus on Blake and their future.

The couple are so private that we’re probably not going to hear about the pregnancy until she’s weeks away from giving birth, but there seems to be some truth to the fact that Lively wants to settle down and have children.



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