Jennifer Lopez’s ‘AKA’ Expected to Sell 30,000 Copies in First Week!

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘AKA’ Expected to Sell 30,000 Copies in First Week!

jennifer lopez aka album predictions

jennifer lopez aka album predictionsJennifer Lopez is expected to sell around 30,000 copies with her new album A.K.A, it has been reported.

The devastating-yet-not-so-shocking number was to be expected following a number of singles that the starlet released which all bombed on the Billboard Hot 100.

I don’t anyone was checking for this new J.Lo album and the timing seems to have been really off.

It’s crazy to think that a woman with so much promotion, including American Idol and live gigs such as the World Cup Opening Ceremony which was watched by hundreds of millions, she can still only push 30,000 copies.

Having found the album online somewhere to download (because I wasn’t going to waste $12) I gave it a listen and I questioned myself where the ‘I’m Real,’ ‘Jenny from the Block,’ ‘Gonna be Alright’ J.Lo went, because the songs she’s bringing her fans these days are – dare I say it – trash.

Jennifer must have thick skin because the reviews for this album have been nothing but horrible, and I don’t blame the critics. Too many features. If I remember correctly, there are only four songs without features from a 14-track record.

The songs are ridiculous. ‘Booty,’ ‘I Luh Ya Papi,’ ‘First Love’. Jennifer — just no!

La-Lopez has gone from selling 300,000 copies at the peak of her career to 83,000 with her last album LOVE? and now she’s down to 30,000. One could argue that people aren’t buying music anymore, but that’s not a fair argument.

There are a lot of respectable artists still shifting good numbers. Anything above 100,000 copies is considered decent in the music industry today.

So this means she’s selling less than Mariah Carey’s ‘Elusive Chanteuse’. MiMi’s record shifted around 60,000 and had rarely any promotion so Mariah stays winning. If you’re aware of the two and their past feud, you’d know what I was referring to. Haha.

In conclusion, Jennifer we still love you over here — especially after you tweeted us the other day about our story that almost crashed our site with traffic. But the album is nonsense! I’d rather listen to her old material than her new stuff.

On a real note. It really does seem like all of these industry girls are living in a Rihanna-Beyonce world. Ain’t nobody selling music like these women.



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