‘Men in Black’ Writers Sued for Stealing Student’s Ideas — $2 Billion...

‘Men in Black’ Writers Sued for Stealing Student’s Ideas — $2 Billion Lawsuit Filed!


will smith men in black sued

Constantino Basile, a student, is suing writers of “Men In Black 3” for $2 billion claiming they stole his ideas and scripts. In his lawsuit he discusses how his film ideas were used in three famous movies and even spoofed by Steven Spielberg.

His film assignments were sent in for part of his class requirement at Los Angeles Film School three years ago.

The two assignment submitted that were believed to be copied are titled “The World of Jupiter” and Crisis on Jupiter.” Claiming someone stole your idea is a bit absurd, but this student believes he will receive a nice sum of money.

Also, Basile claims in the files that a teacher at the film school auctioned off his work to movie writers who then copied his ideas into their movies.

He took quite a leap of faith by suing without a lawyer and desiring $2 billion from films produced few years ago. Good luck kid, but I do not think you will receive the amount you are asking for since you decided to take action after a few years past.



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