Beyonce and Jay-Z to Cancel ‘On the Run’ Concert Shows Due to Poor Ticket Sales!!

beyonce jay-z ticket sales flop

Beyonce and Jay-Z may reportedly cancel numerous of their ‘On the Run’ concert shows due to “extremely poor” ticket sales.

The power couple have done anything but impress agencies in hold of the tickets who are supposedly struggling to sell thousands of tickets. In fact, not one of the shows that Jay and Bey are going on is sold out — there are plenty of empty seats which are now being given away in radio shows.

Their poor sales are being blamed on many different antics that have happened in the past month. First and foremost, sources say that the Solange fight really hurt the couple’s brand in terms of sales; fans are questioning the two and their relationship as magazines continue to report that the two are on the verge of divorcing.

Other analysts say that Beyonce’s fans feel betrayed seeing that the starlet finished her Mrs. Carter tour in February but now wants to go on a tour with her hubby. Their argument is that had they known there was going to be another tour, they would’ve gone to that one instead.

It would make perfect sense for a Beyonce fan not wanting to waste money to go on this tour seeing that Bey isn’t going to be singing any new songs. She’s just going to do the ones that she did for the final run of the Mrs. Carter tour where she performed the new hits form her self-titled album, ‘Beyonce‘.

There’s some understanding as to why they are fuming. This will be Bey’s third time on tour in two years, having had a three-month world tour trip following the release of her platinum-selling record which was released back in December.

The whole situation is a mess and sources close to Bey and Jay are saying that they are both planning to cancel a few shows — mainly the ones that haven’t sold many tickets.

The two know that performing at empty venues will come across as an embarrassment; their marketing strategy was really stupid and the Solange fight didn’t make things any better. Though people always say any publicity is good publicity… clearly not for the Carters.

It has yet to be revealed which shows are getting the axe, but it’s almost certain it’ll be a handful of arenas.

Written by Merema Leures

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