Britney Spears Keeps Leftover Junk Food Under Her Bed — Family Worried!

Britney Spears Keeps Leftover Junk Food Under Her Bed — Family Worried!


britney spears fat las vegasBritney Spears has been causing a lot of headlines for her supposed weight gain in recent weeks, and now it’s being claimed that her junk food binge is so bad, she keeps her leftovers under her bed at all times.

Everything from meals from McDonald’s to leftover Subway sandwiches, the pop singer allegedly keeps it all under her bed so that whenever she’s hungry she won’t have to walk far to fetch a quick bite from the different selections.

The story, which originates from this week’s Life&Style, goes on to claim that Britney never finishes her food so she usually just leaves it under her bed. She may then take a nap or leave the room for a couple of hours and finish it then.


Wouldn’t it be more hygienic for her to store it in the fridge or in the microwave? Imagine all those germs that’ll jump on those meals while she’s out and about. That’s quite disgusting.

Britney’s team have found “save half-eaten burgers, fries and cookies for later” under her bed, to the point where it’s starting to worry them. Why? Well, The pop singer is under a Las Vegas contract to carry on another two years of those lip-synced shows she does at Planet Hollywood.

You can’t be lip-syncing and look out of shape. You gotta have at least one thing looking right, so their main concern is that Britney binging on junk food is going to make her lazy and not find the strength to pull through a 90-minute show.

Word was that Spears had gained 30lbs in recent months and that she was keeping out of the limelight because she was trying to get back in shape before her next big gig. It’s kinda worrying though, don’t you think?

Britney, get it together mama!



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