Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kids Acting Out of Control Since Chris Martin Split

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kids Acting Out of Control Since Chris Martin Split


gwyneth paltrow pink feudGwyneth Paltrow may like to portray herself as a good Hollywood mom but according to reports she’s far from being one.

Having already pissed people off with her narcissistic comments on how being a celebrity mom is harder than being a regular office working mother, Gwyneth’s pals were stunned to see her kids act out in public, behaving naughty and extremely rude.

Life&Style’s sources recall the time Apple and Moses were over at Paltrow’s friend’s house and they were anything but nice; reportedly jumping on tables and talking back to elders.

“Apple’s always jumping on chairs. Once she even stood on their dining room table during a meal!” But wait for it, because Gwyneth supposedly “thinks it’s cute.”

Yup, the same woman who constantly kisses her own butt thinks she’s being an awesome parent by having her children trash her friend’s house and talk in a rudely manner.

Of course it must be hard for Paltrow to adjust being a single mom now that Chris Martin has moved out of their home. It’s unclear how the soon-to-be divorced couple co-parent their kids and what kind of disciplines they keep in check, but clearly Gwyneth hasn’t got anything under control.

The magazine further adds that Gwyneth considers herself to be a fun mom despite the fact that she has a lot of rules when it comes to what her children eat.

Oh, so she’s careful on them eating sugary food and drinking milk, but she doesn’t mind them going crazy in public? What a great mother she is. Why don’t we give her an award for mother of the year?



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