Kim Kardashian Thinks Blue Ivy is Ugly: Tells Nannies North West Is ‘Much Cuter’ — REPORT

kim kardashian blue ivy diss

kim kardashian blue ivy diss

Kim Kardashian seems to be holding a grudge against Beyonce for not showing up to her wedding by secretly talking bad about Blue Ivy.

According to Life&Style, Kim is comparing Blue and North West’s looks together and tells close pals and her nannies that Beyonce’s daughter is nowhere near as good looking as North.

“She brags that Nori is cuter than Blue Ivy,” one source tells the mag. “She loves it,” which wouldn’t be surprising when considering the fact that Kim can be quite a narcissistic person when it comes down to it.

Word around the media outlets was that Kanye and Kim were fuming when they learned that Bey and Jay would rather want to spend a day at the Hamptons than a day with the Kardashians to celebrate Kimye’s wedding.

As crazy as it sounds, a source then goes on to add that Kim wants North to be exactly like her, hence why she’s only dressing her in the fanciest clothes that one could buy.

“Kim dresses her daughter in only neutral colors,” but “she demands her posse walk behind her,” in public so that she can hog the spotlight at all times.

Meanwhile, the magazine goes on to stress that Kim never has more than two nannies at her home, Beyonce is known to welcome up to six of them to hers. Why? Because she needs extra help when it comes to raising and looking after Blue.

“She doesn’t have to do any of the dirty work and can just be loving and doting. She’s a good mommy, but it seems easy when you have six nannies!”

You’d think a 32-year-old woman with lots of experience at handling children and living a rather private lifestyle would know how to take care of one child. Six nannies is just ridiculous, don’t you think?

As for Kim’s nasty comments towards Blue, I’m not surprised.

Written by Merema Leures

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