Melanie Griffith Ditches Antonio Banderas Tattoo: Divorce Turning Nasty? — PHOTO

Melanie Griffith Ditches Antonio Banderas Tattoo: Divorce Turning Nasty? — PHOTO


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Melanie Griffith is wasting no time moving on from Antonio Banderas, having removed the famous tattoo she got of her ex-husband on her arm.

Griffith attended the Taormina Film Festival in Italy on Tuesday where she made her first appearance since filing for divorce and she didn’t go unnoticed either.

The tattoo which saw Antonio’s name written in a heart shape, has been visibly removed and what’s even more interesting is that Melanie flaunted the fading tattoo by making sure she had the arm right in the view of the camera lens so everybody knows her marriage is definitely over.

After having been married to Banderas for eighteen years, the removal of the tattoo would signify that Antonio probably did something wrong in the marriage and she wants to remove anything that reminds her of him.

melanie griffith antonio tattoo divorce

Reports claimed that Antonio’s alleged cheating affairs may have been the reason why Melanie wanted out of the marriage — there have been rumors going around for the past 12 months that the two had been arguing and fighting over some affairs, and now it seems quite evident.

If I was Melanie and I was to blame for the marriage breaking apart, I wouldn’t rush to get my tattoo removed. I would try and work things out first and maybe keep the tattoo to show the public that I’m working things out with my other half. But that’s clearly not the case here.

Griffith wasn’t innocent in her relationship’s downfall either though. Word in the tabloids were that the famous starlet had relapsed from an alleged drug addiction and that her outrageous behavior towards Antonio drifted him away from her, leading him to cheat.

Nothing has been confirmed or denied — this is all speculation from “close sources” but it seems to make sense, don’t you think?

Either way, it’s sad for a couple who’ve been together for such a long time to suddenly file for divorce. What are they going to do now? Find love again and get married? Hmm — I wouldn’t agree with that.

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