Nicole Kidman Blames Tom Cruise for Connor’s Weight Gain — PHOTO

Nicole Kidman Blames Tom Cruise for Connor’s Weight Gain — PHOTO

connor cruise fat before after

connor cruise nicole kidman side by side

Connor Cruise’s weight gain is worrying Nicole Kidman to the point where she’s started feuding with her ex Tom Cruise.

Their adopted son has shown signs of a weight gain battle as recent photos surfaced of him looking fuller than ever before. Nicole thinks it’s all Tom’s fault seeing that he has a closer bond with Connor, but yet doesn’t see the need to step in and take action before it’s too late.

And by “before it’s too late” she’s presumably referring to Rob Kardashian’s situation.

“The war is on again between exes Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise — and this time, they’re feuding over 19-year-old son Connor’s health,” a source told OK! magazine.

Kidman was stunned to see photos of Connor looking big and chubby — she thinks he has let himself go and has no guidance to stay on the right track to lead a healthy lifestyle.

connor cruise fat before after

Gurl, he’s nineteen, not nine! What do you want him to do?

An insider continued: “Nic thinks Tom has been too permissive with Connor and [sister] Isabella. She fought for more structure, but Tom goes by Scientology’s parenting ethos, which suggests parents treat kids like grown-ups.”

“It’s not the lifestyle she wants for her child. The situation has Nicole worried.”

Looking from Nicole’s point of view, she doesn’t understand what it’s like being a little chubby because she’s always been skinny, but she needs to realize that packing on a few pounds doesn’t mean you are unhealthy or overweight.

Maybe if she tried to make more of an effort to spend time with her so-called son, she wouldn’t have to fight Tom Cruise to step in and take some kind of action.

What in the world is Tom going to tell Connor. Stop eating?


  1. If he was in university, where he belongs, it would be the freshman 15. I’m sure seeing this papped picture of him is all the motivation he needs.

    But if Nicole was any kind of decent mom, she would have know first had he was gaining weight not reading about it in the papers.

  2. old news, but

    1. tom cruise is a scientologist and his kids are scientologists, so they most likely distnced themselves from nicole kidman, who is not a scieftologist.

    2. yeah weight gain like this is very unhealthy.


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