Ellen Degeneres Starting Own Magazine to Compete with Oprah Winfrey!

Ellen Degeneres Starting Own Magazine to Compete with Oprah Winfrey!


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If Ellen Degeneres’ divorce allegations to Portia de Rossi weren’t enough, according to reports the talk-show host is now planning to compete with Oprah Winfrey by starting her own magazine.

Ellen is supposedly very competitive and she’s always wanted to be the next Oprah, despite the fact that she considers Winfrey as one of her good friends.

And while Degeneres has already mastered everything there is to learn and do on her talk-show, she now “wants to compete with Oprah’s magazine, and she thinks her fan base will definitely buy it.”

She thinks it’s a great idea. Apparently while her talk-show continues to receive the highest ratings out of all of her competition, Ellen still manages to find time in starting a new business and that’s this new magazine deal she’s preparing to sign.

A “big publishing company in NYC has approached her with the idea and the talk show host is all for creating her own monthly,” STAR magazine says.

Maybe this magazine would be a great way for Ellen to also dismiss some of the rumors that have been written about her in the tabloids. Where do we start — her being an alcoholic, Portia cheating on her with another woman, Ellen then wanting to file for divorce for a new lover.

All these alleged claims could be shut down in this new magazine. Haha.

Well, though that could be a possibility, Ellen has better things on her mind, wanting to use the magazine platform to help raise awareness to things that she and Portia are most interested in.

de Rossi who’ll be an editorial director, alongside Ellen “are passionate about all sorts of issues — animal and gay rights are high on their list — and of course they would also be able to promote their vegan lifestyle.”

Whatcha think? Would Ellen be good at this job role too, and is it a good idea to try and start a “competition” with your so-called friend Oprah Winfrey?



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