Kaley Cuoco to Divorce Ryan Sweeting: Kaley Convinced He’s Cheating

Kaley Cuoco to Divorce Ryan Sweeting: Kaley Convinced He’s Cheating


kaley cuoco marriage ryan sweetingKaley Cuoco is reportedly regretting marrying her hubby of six months, Ryan Sweeting.

Sources say that the TV-starlet has become distant from Ryan, who she was dating just six months before they tied the knot on New Year’s Eve.

Cuoco just recently moved into Khloe Kardashian’s old house — the infamous one she shared with her soon-to-be ex, Lamar Odom, and despite putting on a brave front to cameras, behind closed doors, Kaley is struggling to keep her marriage alive.

An insider stated that the ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress is pissed over the fact that Ryan is spending more time with his pals than with his wife — and mind you that these “friends” are girls which Kaley considers to be a big no-no in her book.

The 28-year-old stresses that the first year of marriage should be all about intimacy and spending as much time together as possible, but Ryan is doing the complete opposite almost as if he’s not taking the relationship seriously.

No word on how much time he actually spends away from Kaley, but for her to second guess getting married to him must mean that he’s always out of the house.

Talk-show host Wendy Williams gave her own opinion on the story saying that she sees no reason why Kaley shouldn’t be questioning her marriage, stating that a woman should not have to put up with her man wanting to spend time with his girl friends while she’s at home.

Williams also added that the fact that Cuoco only knew Ryan for six months could partially be to blame for what seems to be a marriage downfall. She met him this time last year and now they’re married and the relationship is crumbling. Kind of her own fault, right?

Shoulda just stuck with Superman! Haha.



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