Rob Kardashian Joining ‘The Biggest Loser’ — Kris Jenner Thinks Rob is Too Fat!

rob kardashian fat kris jenner

rob kardashian fat kris jennerRob Kardashian may be joining ‘The Biggest Loser’ as another opportunity for Kris Jenner to make some money off of her son. More or less the only way she can currently make profit from her son.

The famous momager is eyeing a deal with NBC’s hit show because she thinks it would help Rob feel more under pressure to get back in shape — having the cameras in his face would make him feel uncomfortable but she thinks it’ll make him work harder.

NBC owns the E! network where all of the Kardashian programs, including spin-offs, are shown on. So it kinda makes sense as to why Kris would approach the network bosses on whether she can hook up her son to take part in the following season, reports HollywoodLife.

“With ‘Biggest Loser’ being on NBC, they share a lot of the same people who make decisions with E!, so Kris has been in meetings to see if it would work to have Rob on Season 16 this fall,” the source explained.

“Everyone is on board for this to happen except Rob, he still needs convincing. But most people involved in the talks think Kris will get her way and have him join the show.”

Whether or not Rob will sign on is still questionable. He’s been feuding with his mom for ongoing months because he feels like the family don’t support him enough to lose the weight he’s packed on.

That alone always confuses me. If you pack on the pounds, why does your family need to help you lose the weight? Or do you agree with Rob?

Either way, he feels left out of the family so if Kris was to have a discussion with him now about him possibly joining TBL he would probably freak out and throw a fit because he knows Kris’ only intentions are to make some cash off of his appearance on the show.

Nevertheless, I wish Rob well and hope he comes out of that depression he’s currently in. He won’t leave his home, stays in a dark-lit room the entire day and doesn’t speak to many family members. Now that’s what you call a serious downfall.

Sidenote: If you look at the photo above, one could assume that she’s the one making her gain weight. Look at that massive cake she presented him with for his birthday last year. Kris, you’re very tactical, I must say.

rob kardashian fat weight gain

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