Tori Spelling Can’t Look After Children, Spends Everyday in Bed — REPORT

tori spelling kids

tori spelling kidsTori Spelling is a really bad mother. In fact, her parenting is so bad that her children end up spending most of their time with the nannies or her cheating husbandDean McDermott.

Life&Style says that Tori fakes this whole “perfect mother” image to her fans, but in reality she’s actually the complete opposite.

According to the mag, Tori Spelling spends most of her days in bed and refuses to get up when her kids want her to join in on their activities or make them something to eat — her nannies are always at hand to do everything.

“She lies in bed a lot, and it’s the nanny or [Dean McDermott] who takes care of the children. Tori rarely does anything,” one insider close to Tori dished.

Wowza! But it gets even worse because the magazine then further alleges that not only does Tori stay in bed all day, she doesn’t clean her home… ever!

Nannies aren’t at her Malibu house to clean up, they are there to look after the kids, so it only makes sense for Tori to do some of the household work, but it never happens. If she’s not watching television, she’s in her bed.

“The house is strewn with food wrappers and filled with unpacked boxes. There’s never any food in the refrigerator, and Tori never cooks. There are fast-food boxes and pizza boxes piled outside the house, with ants everywhere.”

That’s pretty disgusting!

Looks like Tori is living a double life seeing that when she does interviews, she’s always gushing about her great parenting skills and how much she loves being a mother, but then when she gets home she doesn’t do anything a mother is supposed to do.

What a mess.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MrsGrapevine

    June 20, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    She just had so many kids back to back, on top of dealing with a stressful relationship. Her hormones and her mental state are all out of whack. She needs a break, a mental rehab, and then she can get back to mommy duties, and hopefully kick that loser to the curve.

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