Robert Pattinson’s Movie ‘The Rover’ Flops at Box Office — Only Pulls...

Robert Pattinson’s Movie ‘The Rover’ Flops at Box Office — Only Pulls in $500,000 in Weekend Sales


robert pattinson homeless 2014Robert Pattinson’s latest movie ‘The Rover’ flopped big time at the box office this past weekend, which just goes to show that the actor’s career was over after Twilight.

Robert, who has starred in several flops since he finished filming the teen franchise, will now have to put up with another movie that’ll be scrapped from cinemas before you know it.

Over the weekend, Robert’s new film made $500,000 which is absolutely terrible for a film that actually received quite a few reviews which weren’t on the negative side. Pattinson had spent half a year filming the movie all over the world and to now learn that it’s a flop must be heartbreaking.

The distributor for the movie, A24, have since released a statement following the official stats and sales, saying: “David Michod made an excellent film that received very strong reviews for its unique filmmaking and wonderful performances from Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson.”

“Unfortunately we were unable to find a broader audience this weekend, but have no doubt that the film will gain fans as we continue to push it out in the weeks and months ahead.”

Robert’s previous film ‘Cosmopolis’ made $6 million worldwide from a budget of $20 million. There seems to be a pattern of misses for the actor, and one has gotta ask himself how long his career in the movie industry will last.

Taylor Lautner’s career has already ended. The only one that’s still winning is Kristen Stewart, having recently signed on to star in the follow-up to Snow White and the Huntsman.

Perhaps Robert should stop being a drama queen and get back with Kristen to revive his career. Word around the outlets was that R-Patz dumped Kristen because he felt like he couldn’t trust her again after the cheating scandal.

Well, Robert you either take her back and make it work or you accept the fact that you’ll soon be unemployed… like Macaulay Culkin.



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