Jada Pinkett-Smith Bans Kendall Jenner From Home Over Rude Manners

Jada Pinkett-Smith Bans Kendall Jenner From Home Over Rude Manners


jada pinkett smithJada Pinkett-Smith is ready to break a wall if she ever sees Kendall Jenner in her house again. Okay, a little overdramatic but Jada has vowed to never let Kris Jenner’s daughter in her home again for her rude and arrogant manners.

“Jada took an instant dislike to Kendall; she’s got a rude mouth on her. The way she spoke to Jada’s housekeeper was atrocious and arrogant.”

The magazine is referring to the time Kendall visited Jaden Smith earlier this year and allegedly threw a massive fit at the maid for doing things wrong — or shall we say, doing things that didn’t fit to Kendall’s taste. That sweet and innocent girl she portrays on her reality show vanished in an instant.

The 18-year old self-proclaimed “supermodel” then “rolled her eyes and huffed like the maid was stupid when she asked if Kendall wanted sweetener for her iced tea!”

And while the maid usually respects the guests that come over to Jada’s home that she shares with Will and the kids, she wasn’t going t let a brat walk all over her, hence why she informed the actress about it.

Pinkett-Smith is NOT happy! “Jada’s not having it — she was raised by a single mom and doesn’t let that kind of snobbery go on under her roof,” the source added.

“Jaden [Smith] had to tell Kylie [Jenner] that her sister isn’t welcome anymore,” which must’ve been awkward because Kendall’s sis Kylie is dating Jaden so when Kylie goes to his home, Kendall won’t be allowed to go with them.

Well, that’s what happens when you’re being a biyyyyotch.



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