Kristen Stewart Stealing Demi Moore’s Beau Sean Friday: Can’t Stop Cheating!

Kristen Stewart Stealing Demi Moore’s Beau Sean Friday: Can’t Stop Cheating!

kristen stewart demi moore fight

kristen stewart demi moore fightKristen Stewart is planning on stealing Demi Moore’s boyfriend from her.

According to STAR magazine, the former Twilight actress is head over heels in love with Demi’s beau Sean Friday whom she has been dating for the past year or so.

A source for the tabloid says that Moore is a huge fan of Kristen’s work and wanted to discuss some movie projects with her, which is why she ended up inviting her out for a business meeting. Sean just so happened to be there, the source continues.

Stewart continuously looked over to what Sean was doing; they smiled and giggled, but the most shocking thing of it all was when Kristen and Sean exchanged numbers when Demi left the room for a few minutes.

“Demi invited Kristen over to talk about a few movie projects. But she and Sean completely hit it off. Now Kristen has a bit of a crush on him,” the insider dished.

They gave each other their numbers “right under Demi’s nose, but Kristen’s pals are trying to steer her away from a disastrous situation.”

Demi Moore is reportedly fuming after learning about Sean and Kristen’s little fling that’s been going on behind her back. She’s been trying to keep her mind clear from the news that ex-hubby Ashton Kutcher is expecting a baby with Mila Kunis, that a K-Stew affair is the last thing she needs.

Demi is putting up a fight, another source says. Kristen may have been able to win over Rupert Sanders — a married man (at the time) who directed her movie Snow White and the Huntsman — but Kristen won’t win Sean, that’s for sure. At least according to Demi.

Should this be true then Kristen really needs to get her life together. Dating yet another man that’s already in a relationship is doing her reputation no favors — she either needs to reunite with R-Patz, or she needs to find a single fella.

It ain’t that hard.



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