Taylor Swift Can’t Write New Album Without New Heartbreak: Desperate for a...

Taylor Swift Can’t Write New Album Without New Heartbreak: Desperate for a Boyfriend!


taylor swift cryingIt’s a given fact that most of Taylor Swift’s music is based on heartbreak and getting over your ex-boyfriend, but what does a country singer do when she’s been single for over a year and is expected to start recording a new album?

Sources close to Tay-Tay say that she’s struggling to write new songs because she hasn’t had her heart broken since she ended things with Harry Styles, her boyfriend of a couple of months.

You may remember that the two broke up because Swift was reportedly jealous over how Harry handled himself towards other women; she was always convinced he wasn’t being faithful and eventually decided to part ways with the One Direction member.

‘I Knew You Were Trouble,’ and ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ where supposedly penned during her romance to Harry, it was claimed at the time.

But you get the idea — a new boyfriend, a new heartache, a new album. But knowing that Taylor Swift hasn’t dated any other famous celebrity men, she’s said to be scratching her head on what she could possibly write about.

“Taylor Swift is suffering from writer’s block — and it looks like her nonexistent love life is to blame!” OK! magazine lets their readers in on the juicy report.

“When she complained to friends that she’s hit a wall, they joked that she just needs some new boy drama to get her back on track.”

But that’s not all. The mag claims that Taylor has become a total boring person now that she’s been single for the past seventeen months. “She’s become a shut-in who spends her free time knitting, baking and doting on her cats.”

Oh lord. It’s unclear when the next album is said to drop, but the record label will eventually start pushing for her to release something… otherwise there’ll be trouble.

Or she can just do a ‘Greatest Hits’ album. That way she’ll have a lil’ more time to find another boyfriend, break up with him and write a new record. Haha.



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