Beyonce Addresses Jay-Z Cheating Affairs During ‘On The Run’ Concert — WATCH

beyonce on the run tour jay-z

beyonce on the run tour jay-z

Beyonce purposely changed the lyrics on of her songs during her ‘On the Run’ tour to address Jay-Z’s alleged cheating allegations and fidelity rumors.

We’ve all been hearing the numerous reports claiming that Jay-Z and Beyonce were this close to splitting for good — the breaking point came when Jay was allegedly flirting with Rachel Roy at the Met Gala after party which led to Solange going crazy on the rapper in the elevator.

Resentment’ was the song Beyonce performed during Saturday’s concert. The song was lifted off of her second studio album B’Day where it was noted that certain lyrics were changed. In particular: “I know she was attractive, but I was here first.”

The R&B singer then went on to say the following during the track: “Been riding with you for 12 years / Why did I deserve to be treated this way by you?” These are words that don’t feature on the original version of the song.

But what baffles us is why would Beyonce address this during her concert? Either she wants people to know that Jay-Z is a cheater who was seeing other women or it’s just one big publicity stunt and we’re the fools for letting them play us like this.

At first, I thought Beyonce was addressing Jay-Z’s past relationship with flop singer Amil but then I realized that Amil was with Jay way before he was introduced to Beyonce, so that wouldn’t quite make sense.

Either way, whoever Bey is referring to in the song, she better know her place now that Bey has made it clear she “was here first”.

As for their concert, we’re hearing reports that claimed the tour was struggling to sell were false. Bey and Jay’s tickets are selling so fast, they’ve extended it for a European leg plus additional dates in the following weeks.

Written by Merema Leures

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