Portia de Rossi’s Alcohol Problem: Portia & Ellen Degeneres on Getaway Trip to Save Marriage

ellen degeneres portia de rossi divorcePortia de Rossi and Ellen Degeneres have gone on a getaway trip to Croatia amid reports claiming that the talk-show host and her partner’s marriage is falling apart.

It was revealed that Portia had checked into a rehab facility earlier this year as she relapsed on her alcohol addiction. She reportedly faced depression and isolated herself from many friends and family members… even Ellen.

It’s unclear whether her rehab stay came following the rumors that Ellen was planning to dump Portia for another (younger) woman, but what is clear is that the twosome are now on holiday and according to sources, the trip is down to safe their marriage.

“They seemed happy and relaxed,” which was the complete opposite state that de Rossi was in earlier this year when she needed help for her addiction problems.

“Portia hadn’t been happy for a while and was drinking and isolating [herself], and Ellen confronted her,” a source told InTouch. “Portia lost it and blamed Ellen for driving her to drink because of her controlling ways and said she wasn’t in love with her anymore. Ellen was crushed and screamed at Portia to get out.”

Portia spent a couple of weeks at Passages in Malibu and is said to be doing much better now that she’s out and has supposedly “recovered,” but only time will tell. Nevertheless, with the stress of the alcohol addiction, should Ellen file for divorce, Portia will literally be dragged through hell seeing how much she’s already hurting.

Do you think their getaway trip can save the relationship or will is eventually come to an end?

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1 Comment

  1. Real Entertainment News

    July 2, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    This was a good move for them, i think with out this, their marriage would be history for sure. Great write up yo.

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