Did Ellen Degeneres Cheat on Portia de Rossi While She Was in...

Did Ellen Degeneres Cheat on Portia de Rossi While She Was in Rehab?


ELLEN DEGENERES PORTIA DE ROSSI DIVORCEEllen Degeneres may have cheated on Portia de Rossi right around the time she went to rehab for her alleged drinking problem.

Portia, who is said to have struggled with alcohol and other substances, must’ve been shocked to learn that while she was seeking treatment to better herself, Ellen was getting busy with another woman — the brunette we told you about a couple of months ago.

Earlier this year, we told you that Ellen had been spending quite some time with a mystery woman nobody knows who she is. If the brunette was Ellen’s “mistress” on the side, why would she dare make public appearances with her, knowing photographers would follow her every move?

Or perhaps Ellen and Portia had already split at that time, as tabloids had stated, so Portia realized that the only way to save her marriage was to go to rehab in hopes to win Ellen back.

It’s all so confusing but if you put the puzzle together, it all fits together. The mystery brunette made her debut earlier this year right around the time Portia went to rehab. Note that at this same time we were hearing from outlets that Ellen was planning on moving on from de Rossi over constant feuds and arguments that had allegedly made her realize the romance couldn’t last any longer.

Portia was said to have begged Ellen for children, wanting to start a family with the talk-show host, and according to reports, Ellen was totally against the idea of having kids and Portia knew this from the beginning.

Then there were the cheating rumors that emerged while the couple were still together — before Portia went to rehab. Say what you want but there seems to be some truth in the cheating allegations.

We told you earlier this week that Ellen and Portia have flown out to Croatia on a getaway trip to save their marriage but only time can tell if the romance can still work once they return to the States.



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