Shailene Woodley Dating Ellen Page — REPORT

Shailene Woodley Dating Ellen Page — REPORT


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Shailene Woodley is said to be dating Ellen Page, according to a new report.

OK! magazine alleges that the two have been hooking up after realizing that their supposed close friendship had way more to offer both of them.

Well, it seems like the mag is simply going off Shailene having previously admitted that she wouldn’t be opposed to dating women so they’re running with the story that newly-announced lesbian, Ellen Page, is now dating the actress.

Nevertheless, the two would definitely make a good pair should rumors be true that they are actually an item. Knowing that Ellen is super private with her business, there’s no way that OK! could know whether or not these two are together, but it’s a given fact that they are close pals.

The two have been “longtime friends, but things have turned romantic,” the source explains in the latest issue, before stating that Ellen has finally “snagged an A-list girlfriend: Shailene Woodley!”

Neither of the two has actually addressed what’s currently being looked at as a rumor, and we highly doubt that they’re going to say anything.

Then again, this is the same outlet that claimed George Clooney’s fiancee was pregnant. They’re also known for having wrongly printed a story about Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy since 2006 — looks like Jen is still pregnant eight years later.

Either way, in our case we’d say Shailene and Ellen would make a good couple. Do we think the rumor is true — no. Thoughts??



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