Ben Affleck Jealous of Jennifer Garner — Fears She’s Cheating On Him!

Ben Affleck Jealous of Jennifer Garner — Fears She’s Cheating On Him!

ben affleck angry

ben affleck angryBen Affleck is extremely jealous of his wife, Jennifer Garner, even after just having celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary, it has been claimed.

The actor, who has spent most of the years working on movie sets while Jennifer cared for their children, is supposedly enraged whenever he Garner spends time away from him — just like, as the actress is building up her own career again by signing on to star in films of her own.

Having left the spotlight to be a doting mother, Ben isn’t happy about it at all. He’s jealousy erupts and it’s hard to bring him back down once he comes up with crazy allegations and accusations, STAR magazine says.

“When Jen’s on a movie set, he’s constantly calling and texting her. He goes into fits if he hears she’s getting too close with another guy,” a source tells the tabloid.

This would then match other reports who have claimed Jennifer Garner was dying to work again. Ben had allegedly told her that she mustn’t work because of the kids at home, which Jen agreed with at first but now that they’re older and she wants to do things other than change nappies, there should be an understanding coming from Ben’s side.

But what exact jealousy is he suffering from? Didn’t they say that his romance to Jennifer Lopez didn’t work out because of the same exact reason.

It’s mind blowing that a man is so insecure knowing that his wife has been with him for over a decade — surely you should show at least a little bit of respect in trusting her when she gets on movie sets to do what she passionately loves to do, right?

Ben is currently preparing for his role as Batman in the upcoming Superman sequel ‘Man of Steel’. Maybe Jennifer should throw tantrums and fits the same way he does.



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