Jessica Simpson’s Parents Ruined Her Wedding — Fought and Argued Following Nasty Divorce

jessica simpson parents wedding feud

Jessica Simpson got married last week but things went far from smooth. Not only was the singer hungover on her big day, her parents were arguing from left to right following their nasty divorce.

“Fights between her divorced parents — as well as a dispute between Jessica and Eric — came close to unraveling the event,” STAR magazine reveals.

Tina — Jessica’s mother — was said to have been fuming over the fact that her daughter would allow her “disgraced” father, Joe, to handle her entire wedding. From the guest list to the decorations and the food. Tina complained throughout the day saying everything was horrible.

Of course her complaining all comes from the divorce which ended quite nasty. Several reports claimed that Joe left Tina for a man — to be more specific, he left her for a boy toy and Tina hasn’t been able to forgive and forget the messiness that became the ending of her marriage.

jessica simpson drunk wedding

Tina “made it clear to everyone, she was furious that Jessica chose her father to organize the three-day event,” the insider dished.

She was “complaining about everything from the food to the venue. Jessica had finally had it and told her mother that it was her wedding and to stop moaning.”

For Joe, it was a whole different story. The former manager of Jessica’s career laughed and reportedly “enjoyed” seeing Tina unhappy — the two bickered a couple of times but Tina would always over exaggerate to the point where Joe would simply laugh at how embarrassing she was coming across.

Jessica’s father “added to the drama when he seemed to be enjoying that his ex was causing problems. Joe knows full well that Jessica favors him over her mom, and he plays that up a little to get back at Tina for how he feels she treated him after the divorce.”

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1 Comment

  1. Nicola Gossips

    July 11, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    Tina needs to get it over it. He’s gay, it wasn’t anything personal. Let him live his life, he clearly wasn’t her soul mate.

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