LeAnn Rimes’ Trashy Behavior On Reality Show is Humiliating Eddie Cibrian!

leann rimes eddie cibrian reality show

leann rimes eddie cibrian reality showLeAnn Rimes’ disgusting behavior on her forthcoming reality show has Eddie Cibrian cringing at the thought of it being publicly aired on television.

The somewhat credible actor — who had a couple of lines in ‘The Best Man Holiday’ — can’t face the fact that the show he signed on to star on is going to do even more damage to their names as opposed to show the real side to them, which Eddie claimed was a “loving” family.

Well, a “loving” family may still be the case but Life & Style says that LeAnn’s farting around the house and talking about sex in front of his kids while the cameras were rolling will show the complete opposite of their so-called great family bond.

LeAnn has argued with Eddie time and time again that all she wants to do on the program is be herself, and she’s definitely sticking to her comments because from what sources are saying, LeAnn isn’t just farting in Cibrian’s face and thinks it’s funny, she burps all the time among other shenanigans.

Leann’s “drunken tirades, crude behavior, [and] inappropriate talk in front of the kids,” is quickly making Eddie regret signing on to do a reality show where he knows it’ll be edited to the producer’s liking and not theirs — so all the disgusting and embarrassing moments will make the final cut.

“It’s nearly broken them up. LeAnn’s been telling friends that Eddie didn’t approve of her behavior on the show. He doesn’t even want to promote it,” the source says.

“She thinks it’s normal to get into bed and burp and fart under the covers and waft it toward Eddie. He doesn’t want his wife to look that way for the world to see.”

That’s pretty disgusting. But what is a poor man like Eddie supposed to do? He left Brandi Glanville for the pure fact that LeAnn’s bank account was filled with millions while Brandi was struggling to pay her monthly rent.

leann rimes eddie cibrian cheat

Cibrian has accepted the fact that LeAnn can behave really trashy and once the show airs on VH1 he’ll have to pull himself together and put up a front like it doesn’t bother him because let’s not forget that LeAnn pays the bills and gives him allowance money.

“At one point on the show, she says something ridiculous about sex to the kids, and Eddie tries to stop her. I’m sure [Cibrian’s ex] Brandi [Glanville] will be furious when she sees it.”

“He’s miserable because he knows he has to be at her beck and call, and it shows. The show is her show as far as LeAnn’s concerned — she has the final say,” the source added.

Well, I can’t wait to tune in to watch this mess. Actually I’ll catch this mess online somewhere because I most certainly don’t want to higher up the ratings in order for LePlasticFace to enjoy a second season of this show.

Written by Merema Leures

Hi, my name is Merema. If learning about pop culture was a degree I could've studied when I decided to take on a three-year course at college, I would've probably had the highest grades in my class. But instead, I settled for a BA in Film and a Master's in Filmmaking.

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