Angelina Jolie Suing News Publication Over Heroin Cocaine Videos Leak

Angelina Jolie Suing News Publication Over Heroin Cocaine Videos Leak

angelina jolie drugs photo

angelina jolie drugs photoAngelina Jolie is planning to take legal action against the Daily Mail for publishing photos of the actress showing her looking thinner than ever as she allegedly buys her former usual choice of drug — heroin.

The 39-year-old was said to have been stunned when photos of her surfaced online earlier this week. The handful of pictures show a skinny looking Angelina talking on the phone to her father, Jon Voight, and it’s believed that her drug dealer secretly snapped the photos.

Do note that Angie has never kept this a secret. She’s spoken out about her past and how much she suffered as a young adult. She experienced with drugs but has stated that she hasn’t touched anything in a long time — and when we say long time, we mean almost two decades.

The photos that are now surfacing now are from the 90s in Angie’s former New York apartment where she was staying at the time. Nevertheless, Jolie is fuming that these photos are now emerging again and that there’s such a big buzz around them.

It’s understandable that she’d be mad seeing that she’s been doing so much humanitarian work along with helping other charities around the world. Having this back in the open is only going to open old wounds and could potentially hurt her sponsors and reputation.

Daily Mail captioned one of the photos writing that Angie was “the essence of a druggie… blotchy faced, hollow-eyed, painfully think and talking tedious drivel.”

As legal action is already in place, Jolie has argued her case saying that the photos are an invasion of privacy from the publication — she’s hurt by the images coming out seeing that they are very old and they could mislead her fans to think she’s still taking drugs, which she says is not the case.

Out of respect, we are not posting the photos on here for you to see. But if you’re curious, you can click here to see them via Daily Mail.

*** The photo above is NOT the photo Angie is suing for. The photo above was taking from her movie ‘Girl, Interrupted ***



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