Ann Curry Set to Join ‘The View’ — REPORT

Ann Curry Set to Join ‘The View’ — REPORT


ann curry the viewAnn Curry is in talks to join ‘The View’ it has been reported.

The famous news anchor who was given the boot from the TODAY show two years ago is now set to be the final host to appear on the daytime show with sources claiming Ann is “very much interested” in the role.

We’ve already learned that execs have hired Rosie O’Donnell for the forthcoming series to spice up the program a little and bring a little feistiness to the panel of opinionated women, so Ann filling one of the roles may seem quite strange seeing that she never lets her guard time.

Nevertheless, producers of ‘The View’ are eager to get her on board for her professionalism and her wide range of views on political topics.

Should Ann sign the dotted line, this would mean that she along with Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie are the confirmed hosts for the show at this point.

Of course there’s another spot in the open but we’re hearing that producers have already approached who they are wanting to sign. Leah Remini, Bernadette Peters and Mario Cantone have been approached with the last gig — as of yet nothing has been confirmed, but with the reactions of fans saying they want Leah, that could very well be the case.

Our personal view would be that Leah is a great fit, Whoopi is the opinionated one that won’t back down from a fight, Rosie is the one that stirs the drama and gives it to you in the open, and Ann — well, she’ll probably just be the peacemaker.



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