David Guetta’s Ex-Wife Cathy Fighting For Millions in Divorce Assets Battle

David Guetta’s Ex-Wife Cathy Fighting For Millions in Divorce Assets Battle

david guetta wife divorce

david guetta wife divorce

Looks as though David Guetta won’t just be losing a wife.

In March, world-renowned DJ David Guetta and his ex-wife Cathy finalized their divorce, leaving in good terms sources stated. While their divorce seemed amicable, it unfortunately hit a road block when it was reported that the Dj’s ex-wife may be trying to leave with more than just an ex-husband.

Page Six reported that the “split has gotten nasty as they try to divide their assets,” as well informing that that Cathy has the majority of the business assets to her name.

“Cathy owns all of the business names, and the music [rights], [including] their ‘F—k Me I’m Famous’ brand of dance parties and popular compilation albums. Even though [their divorce] is finalized, things are not good.”

Different insiders as well report that Cathy may be looking to take up to half of David’s fortune, stating that the ex-wife is “taking a lot of his money” and that since David is “worth $30 million, she’ll probably take $15 million of that.”

Cathy’s surprising actions however may not be all that surprising. She is known to be the backbone of David’s musical career and according to Page Six, during the 22 years that the couple had been married, Cathy was the one behind the scenes helping him to grow into a musical sensation.

A close source to David stated: “He’s the rock star, but she’s the business mogul.”

It appears that Cathy is really good when it comes to business matters, even matters of her own.



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