Ryan Seacrest Officially Dating Shayna Taylor — She Confirms Blossoming Romance!

ryan seacrest shayna taylor

Following his split from Julianne Hough last year, Ryan Seacrest has moved on to a new lady named Shayna Taylor.

Credible sources say the couple have been dating for a couple of weeks and just recently took a secret vacation. Word got out about their romance when a photographer got suspicious about the two and asked Shayna the question on what it feels like dating Ryan.

Of course he didn’t know whether the two were an item or not, but to his surprise, Shayna responded by saying “It feels great,” giving away the fact that Taylor is going out with the American Idol host.

The two were first seen back in December — at that time they were just “good friends,” an insider said. They had gotten closer in the last few months as Ryan became less busy with his work schedule, and it didn’t take long before they went on a date together.

Ryan’s ex, Julianne Hough, claimed that her relationship to Mr. Seacrest wasn’t the best she had experienced, saying that “there was nothing right” about the romance, suggesting that Ryan was never at home and never had time to make plans for her or himself.

Guess it seems that Ryan has learned from his mistakes by making his loved ones more of a priority than his career, because let’s face it… his career isn’t going anywhere, but his girlfriends will if they don’t see that passionate affection from him.

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