Halle Berry Throws Tantrums on ‘Extant’ Set — Crew Feeling “Miserable” with...

Halle Berry Throws Tantrums on ‘Extant’ Set — Crew Feeling “Miserable” with Actress


halle berry extantHalle Berry is making everyone feel uncomfortable on the set of ‘Extant’.

The show which aired its first episode last week started off with a pretty good win in terms of ratings, but making these episodes as awesome as they are is definitely hard — at least according to the actors and crews who work on the program.

STAR magazine says Halle is the biggest bitch on the set; from moaning about how her water is the wrong temperature, to telling people not to look her in the eye while she’s working — Halle is wilding out and no one is happy about it.

“The crew was warned not to look Halle in the eye or talk to her except through her assistants, but they’re never around,” it’s claimed in the tabloid.

Halle “plays weird mind games, like throwing a fit over water being the wrong temperature, then, 10 minutes later offering to buy the crew lunch.”

It would be a shame to think that Halle Berry would annoy her team so much that they’d end up quitting the show — or better yet, the entire program gets canceled because of production problems with the actress.

This is a good paying job for Halle who gets to shoot scenes in Los Angeles where her two children also currently reside, so messing this shot up for her is going to hurt her more than its going to hurt anyone else.

Berry has yet to comment on the tabloid’s claim of her outrageously rude behavior on set. It’s never appreciated when the star of the show acts like a diva. How can you complain about the temperature of your water?


  1. She is a diva – but only to the little people. But in her defense, the not looking people in the eye thing is normal. You weren’t allowed to do it to Denzel until he wrapped a scene. He comes to set in character.

    But Halle, even with the Oscar, is no Denzel Washington.


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