Katie Holmes, Alexander Skarsgard Hooking Up: New Couple Finally Going Official?

Katie Holmes, Alexander Skarsgard Hooking Up: New Couple Finally Going Official?


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Katie Holmes is hooking up with Alexander Skarsgard.

The actress, who famously dated Tom Cruise before ditching him over Scientology conflicts, has moved on to the ‘True Blood’ star who she first met on the set of their movieThe Giver’.

What’s interesting is that a few months ago when the entire cast were still filming the new flick, it was also reported that Alexander was hooking up with Taylor Swift — so it’s really confusing which to believe. Either he’s open to more than one girlfriend or the story is bogus.

Well, Grazia claims that Katie and Alexander are official and it’s getting hot. “Their flirtation was one of the worst kept secrets on set,” the source said, explaining that everybody knew they were an item just by looking at their chemistry.

“Nobody is surprised that they’ve been spending time together. They really enjoy each other’s company. They are looking forward to spending more time with one another as they promote the film.”

It’s also believed that once the film starts its promotional tour, Alexander and Katie will most likely go public and let the world know about their new romance seeing that there’s no way they can hide it any longer.

Katie seems worried about announcing the romance for the fact that she doesn’t want to be judged by Scientology for running off with another man. She received huge backlash from the religion when she left Tom, then she ditched Scientology, took her daughter Suri and moved out of their home. Wowza!

Maybe a new fling will do her some good.



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