TV and Movie Legend, James Garner, Dies at 86

TV and Movie Legend, James Garner, Dies at 86


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James Garner, the talented and charming actor who was known for his roles in the hot TV western “Maverick” and the romantic movie “The Notebook” sadly passed away Saturday at his Los Angeles Home. He was just 86.

It was reported by law enforcement that an ambulance was dispatched to the actor’s Los Angeles home around 8 p.m. Saturday evening. Garner was pronounced dead at the scene.

The actor, who was remembered for his role in “The Rockford Files”, had previous medical issues in the past. Garner underwent quintuple bypass heart surgery in 1988 and suffered a minor stroke in 2008. According to reports, the star died of natural causes.

James Garner, born James Scott Bumgarner, was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. At the age of 5-years-old the actor lost his mother and was raised by various relatives including his father and stepmothers (Garner’s father wed four times).

At the age of fourteen, Garner left home and took upon odd jobs and activities, ranging from merchant marine at 16, becoming a football star at Hollywood High, and receiving a job as a male model for a swimsuit ad.

The handsome icon as well served the military, earning two purple hearts while fighting the Korean War. Once back in Hollywood, James Garner set foot into the acting business once again, making him a national superstar.

Garner who married aspiring actress Lois Clarke in 1956 appeared on a variety of television shows and large production movies. Some of the many included “The Great Escape”, 1966’s “Grand Prix”,  “The Americanization of Emily”, and Clint Eastwood’s “Space Cowboy”.

Celebrities in no time took to Twitter to express their condolences of the legend.

Nicholas Sparkes, the author of “The Notebook”, stated, “RIP to a legend. James Garner was both a kind man and gifted actor. It was an honor to work with him on #TheNotebook. He will be missed.”

“The Rockford Files” co-star Marlee Matlin wrote, “Away from home; can’t sleep. Now sad to read my dear friend & costar James Garner passed. RIP sweet Jim Rockford. XX”

Sally Field, who starred alongside Garner in 1985’s “Murphy’s Romance” said, “My heart just broke. There are few people on this planet I have adored as much as Jimmy Garner. I cherish every moment I spent with him and relive them over and over in my head. He was a diamond.”

His wife Lois, his stepdaughter Kimberly, and his daughter Greta survive Garner.

We wish the family and loved ones of James Garner our condolences.



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