Ciara Hints at Future Breakup: Couple Split Over Future’s Cheating Affairs?

future ciara breakup

future ciara breakupJust weeks ago we told you Ciara ditched her engagement ring on a day out with her newborn son, Future Jr. and now she’s sending cryptic messages on her Instagram — what’s going on?

Well, rumors of the couple’s alleged break-up have been surfacing time and time again. According to recent reports, CiCi and her beau, Future, have called off their engagement time and time again. Sources say that the singer is finding it hard to trust her man, especially after he partied with her enemy, Rihanna, at a club in New York two months ago.

The mother of one posted a message on her Instagram this week that reads: “In life you can’t force people to do something they don’t want to do, or be someone they’re not. You have to let people be who they are.”

Fans quickly jumped to the conclusion she was referring to Future. The rapper who has multiple baby mamas. In fact, all of his children (we’ve lost count of all of them) are all by different women, so people clearly thought that the message of “change” was aimed at Ci’s fiance.

In our eyes we could view it as her saying you can’t change a man from wanting to be himself — in Future’s case it would be the fact that he probably wants to continue being the promiscuous fella around town who’s never heard of protection before.

Whatever the case may be, Ciara has already got a baby by him so she’s literally attached to him for at least eighteen years. Gurlfrind better use this chance to get her child support money, because let’s face it, Ciara’s albums haven’t been selling like they used to.

Nevertheless, I’m hoping that Ciara knows her standards and doesn’t stay with a cheating fiancé. What do you think — is she talking about Future?

Sidenote: he wasn’t even at the birth of their firstborn.

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Written by Merema Leures

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