Farrah Abraham is Becoming a Christian Actress?!

Farrah Abraham is Becoming a Christian Actress?!


farrah abrahamWe did not see that one coming.

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham is known for attempting every thing under the sun. She has tried to make a living as a Porn Star, a sex toy maker, a restaurant owner, and now has given in to the idea of becoming an actress and not just any type of actress.

The teen mom, known for her starring in the sex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom, will now try her hand as a Christian actress.

“I will be acting in two movies,” Farrah recently told Us Weekly. “And I’m kind of staying closer to roles that are Christian-based.”

This new side of Farrah however won’t stand in the way of her erotic side.

“I think the healthiest way for me to continue being Farrah and who I am is to continue writing erotic novels. Being so sexy, I think that’s for when I get married. And if I ever do another sex tape, I’m probably going to do it with my husband, and you can just celebrate marriage with me.”

The 23-year-old’s career choice doesn’t stop there. Farrah Abraham has reported that she plans on writing a Christian parenting book, a move that is significantly odd considering her release of her erotic novel, Celebrity Sex Tape in the Making.

“My parents didn’t really help me get any closer to God, it was my own choice and I just see a lot of good things happening and I only want good things for everybody else.”

She added: “So if I could say that through a type of Christian parenting book, I think that’s something that wouldn’t hurt them, it would help them and their children. It would give them a kind of support and guide to use throughout their journey in life together and I would just be happy to share that.”

Wonder what else the teen mom will try to achieve, maybe becoming a nun? She has previously stated her desire “to be a virgin forever — or a nun” within Life & Style.

Can’t wait for Farrah’s decision to follow through with that idea.



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