Kim Kardashian “Alone & Binge Eating” As Marriage to Kanye West Crumbles

kim kardashian binge eating

kim kardashian binge eatingKim Kardashian’s binge eating is all down to her troubled marriage to Kanye West, reveals the latest issue of Star magazine.

The famous reality star is finding it hard trying to make it work with her husband of two months, having realized that marriage might have not been the right thing for the couple who rarely see each other.

Kim has told family and friends that she’s always alone seeing that Kanye is constantly traveling the world to locations he doesn’t even need to be at. The 33-year old has gotten the impression that Kanye’s traveling is down to the fact that he may feel the same way too.

“Kanye’s frequent absences, control issues and stalled career have placed Kim in an increasingly isolated position,” reveals the source.

“From a recent weight gain to what some are describing as ‘robotic’ resignation to following Kanye’s commands, indications are that Kim is already miserable — and turning to food as a way to dull the pain.”

While Kim imagined the wedding to not only make her more famous — as expected — she also hoped that her third marriage would go a lot smoother than her last two did. But nevertheless, should it come down to another divorce, Kim will have no problem doing so since she idolizes Elizabeth Taylor.

“Right now, Kim’s married life with Kanye has turned out to be more difficult than she imagined, and she doesn’t know how to make the situation better.”

“She’s stressed and doing the one thing she hates most — losing control of her diet,” before adding that the most famous Kardashian “has gorged herself so much in the last few weeks that she’s reportedly put on 22 [pounds].”

Uh-oh! Well nobody is really surprised that this marriage is falling apart right in front of our eyes as soon as it is.

Written by Merema Leures

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