Zoe Saldana Curses Out The Media After Pregnancy Is Revealed

Zoe Saldana Curses Out The Media After Pregnancy Is Revealed


zoe saldana angryZoe Saldana is one tough cookie.

When the media made numerous speculations of Saldana’s pregnancy and announced that the 36-year-old actress was carrying twins, Saldana lashed out on Twitter, cursing at the media and giving them a piece of her mind.

Starring in the up and coming film, Guardians of the Galaxy, the actress quoted Polish politician Lech Walesa, “I believe that any violation of privacy is nothing good.”

She then continued, using her own words, “I would like to thank all the f–king media for invading our privacy.”

That is one mad mommy to be. The talented star, known for being very private and shielding away from the limelight, recently opened up about her marriage to Marco Perego.

The couple secretly tied the knot on September 2013 and kept their ceremony under wraps. After much persistence from the media, Saldana opened up about her romance with the Italian artist and her decision to say “I do” so quickly.

“As soon as we decided we were going to get married, we didn’t wait. We did it three weeks later. That part was very, very quick.”

She continued: “I met my partner when I was in really a beautiful place in my life,” she shared. “It was like I found all my answers with him not in him. I was finding my answers on my own.”

It appears Saldana is very happy when surrounded by loved ones, just not with the media.



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