Chris Brown Shows Off Fuller Figure: Media Reacts By Calling Singer “Fat”

Chris Brown Shows Off Fuller Figure: Media Reacts By Calling Singer “Fat”

chris brown fat

chris brown fat

Chris Brown displayed a fuller figure in St. Tropez this afternoon whilst partying with a couple of friends on a yacht. The 25-year-old R&B singer has definitely packed on the pounds as his six pack abs have washed away, but this is a good sign in itself.

Why? Well, it gives fans the hope that Chris is staying away from the alleged drugs he was associated with. Before his jail sentence earlier this year, Brown had lost so much weight that his cheekbones started to show — it was probably the skinniest he had ever been.

So to see that he’s added a little bit of weight to his former skinny frame is definitely a thumbs up in our books. Chris has vowed to stay away from trouble and in our books that means anything that could jeopardise his career from this point on.

He’s finishing his forthcoming album, he just had another top ten hit with ‘Loyal‘, he just recently purchased himself a new home in San Fernando and he’s expected to tour North America sometime next year. What more can the guy ask for.

While some will critcize him for having added a little weight to himself, I’d say this is the best we’ve seen Chris look in a long while. Perhaps he really has changed this time.


  1. Poor thing. I worked on a show where two of the leads had spent time in jail, and they both lamented how much weight you gain. They feed prisoners high carb diet to slow them down.


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