“Ciara Knows Future is Cheating,” Says Sidechick’s Pal

ms joni future datingCiara isn’t going to be happy with this one.

As rumours speculate Future has been hooking up with his stylist, we’ve received an interesting e-mail from a loyal reader who filled us in on a couple of things. I’ve decided to keep her name out of this post, but it’s juicy and fills a lot of holes.

As you know, Ciara hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring in the last couple of weeks — that alone has made fans wonder why she wasn’t wearing the expensive bling on her finger anymore.

Then the rumours came along, saying that Future was seen with another woman at a club, then he was seen hanging out with Ciara’s frenemy Rihanna, and now this:

I’m emailing you from an email i set up for MJ which is my friend …. i wanted to finally let the truth be known about the rapper Future because I’ve followed the story about the relationship with his so say no wife to be ciara.

You can call or email me and I can give u details. Future is a cheater he messed an had a fling with my friend MJ we call her. She is an upcoming singer from louisiana and she didnt want the story to get out to the media because she (wants to be respected in the industry) and they talked about the story getting out an she promised to keep her mouth closed.

You can see pictures of her and Future on her Instagram page @thereal_ms_joni way to the first pictures on her page. Future took her on stage with him to a couple of his shows and all told her he wanted her to go on stage with him and she agreed.

Ciara and him had just hooked up at the time (early 2013). She texted my friend phone telling her she had the wrong number and asked not to text Future back when he had spoken to her on the phone and I know she saw pictures of Future and MJ in the phone together and everything. At the time Brittnie his other baby momma was pregnant but MJ didn’t know at the time thou…and she found out and was very angry but by that time Ciara tried to split him and MJ up.

Ciara sent messages for MJ through some of MJ friends from Louisiana for her not to call Future back when in fact Future didn’t want her to leave his hotel room but she left anyway because of her ride. She wasn’t in her car and she didn’t want everybody to know she was in the room with Future that night but the bodyguard knew because they watched the doors every time they were together.

She says she knows she will run into him again soon because she’s in the studios in Atl all the time and he’s always in louisiana because her friends that are very rich stay booking him but she’s trying to by pass him because he didn’t handle the situation with Ciara correctly.

It’s time for their games to be put on blast. Future is a cheater and she says she knows he won’t stay with her long because she is fake. He really did like MJ. She helped him get ready for shows and all.. they go eat out and from the start when Future saw her he asked to meet her right away.

Ciara, girl why don’t you let this mess be and move on. Future has no good intentions and this has proven just that! Of course the unidentified person is talking about the time when Ciara’s romance to Future was still quite fresh. Future was already approaching other women, but CiCi wanted to be “the one”.

Now note this! A couple of years ago, 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler confirmed that the reason why she ended things with the rapper was down to Ciara — she was “constantly phoning him,” trying to patch up their broken relationship.

Due to the conversations that have followed following this e-mail, I have every reason to believe there’s something fishy going on with Ciara and Future. Let it be known that this is where you heard it first.

Sidenote: Ms. Joni (MJ) has since put her Instagram page on “private”.

ms joni ms joni future ms joni mimi

Written by Merema Leures

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