Jennifer Aniston Ditched by Justin Theroux on Wedding Day in Mexico —...

Jennifer Aniston Ditched by Justin Theroux on Wedding Day in Mexico — PHOTO


jennifer aniston weddingJennifer Aniston was ditched by Justin Theroux on their wedding day this was past, Life & Style claims.

The magazine is running with a new story that’s even funnier than the constant pregnancies they claim Jennifer has had over the course of nine years. I can’t believe she still hasn’t given birth.

Anyway, according to the tabloid mag Aniston and Justin set a wedding date this month in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They flew out all their pals and family members — long story short, when it came down to tying the knot, Justin didn’t show up, reportedly having changed his mind at the last minute.

Jennifer, who stood in her wedding gown waiting for her partner to show up, was left saddened when she would later realise he wasn’t going to show up. Life & Style links this story with other reports they’ve made in the past, claiming Justin and Jennifer never really clicked.

Jennifer was sticking around with Justin to prove to the world that she’s over Brad. She’s supposedly trying to prove a point to the world that she’s finally moved on… nine years after her divorce from the actor who’s now happily engaged to Angelina Jolie.

Life & Style has hilarious stories every now and then but this just tops it. Jennifer alone on her wedding day as Justin Theroux makes a runner? Couldn’t they have just faked another pregnancy story of Aniston?



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