Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Fight Over Miranda Kerr — Caught on...

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Fight Over Miranda Kerr — Caught on Video


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Looks as though there’s a cat fight going on between pop teen sensation Justin Bieber and Lord of the Rings  actor Orlando Bloom.

On Tuesday, TMZ uploaded several videos that featured Bloom throwing a punch at the baby faced singer.

According to the site, there are two sides of the story.

One tells of Bieber extending a hand to Bloom, who refused the gesture. When asked what the 37-year-old’s problem was, Orlando mentioned ex-wife Miranda Kerr and swung a punch. The second version recounts Justin telling Orlando that he had sex with Miranda, thus inducing the fight.

The video reportedly takes place at the Ibiza club Cipriani early Wednesday. Both Justin and Orlando are seen approaching each other and exchanging a few unidentified words. The video then ends with Orlando throwing the infamous punch at Bieber, which is blocked by an unidentified man.

Eyewitnesses have reported that Justin left the scene right after the altercation.

Based on past reports, rumors have circled Justin Bieber and Orlando’s ex, Miranda. According to sources, both appeared to be getting very cozy with one another after a 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, causing many to wonder if the two star’s flirtatious past had anything to do with the fight.

The dispute could have also very well been linked to Orlando and Selena Gomez’s( Bieber’s ex) recent get-together in April.

Whatever the case, Justin appears to be provoking the fight.

After the altercation Bieber reportedly uploaded a sexy picture of Miranda Kerr in a bathing suit, which he later deleted.  If that wasn’t enough to spark Orlando’s interest, the singer continued his antics, posting a picture on Instagram of the actor crying.

Hopefully Bloom, who has yet to comment on the fight, will be the bigger man and not take the bait.

Guess we will have to wait and see.



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